Before I resume our previous topic I would like to clear out few important things which are as under. It is too important to understand that this is related to all the topics I have written about before and I will be writing further.

Rich Humanity in Humans

Humanity And Relationships

Well, this is a long topic over which I shall post in detail soon. But for now, I would just say all this I wrote above and I am going to write down further only is a matter of fact for humans. That is why I wrote all those previous posts on Humanity And being a rich human in humanity before.

But as I always say this generation is just getting damn away from humanity. Some persons just want to get into a relation for their Physical needs. Well, it’s not bad I say Afterall, you may say it’s a biological need. But you should always be clear to another person about that thing. Don’t be diplomatic and show your different faces with time. Be HUMAN. Be bold and strong for your thoughts and stand up for them if you really think it’s the right thing to do. Don’t wear a mask and backstab another person.

So always be cautious about whom you choose to depend on for your future. I will give the details in the next post. Providing information about how to know about such persons and unmasking them and staying safe.

Ideal Relationship

I would like to tell you, According to the studies and Gurus I have been through there is nothing such as an IDEAL relationship. Even the ones whom we see as idols like Krishna don’t have that their wives also have complaints. That is just human nature which you can’t Get rid of so easily until you are free from desires and on the next level of Humanity.

One can not Copy other’s thinking of them as idols because every human has different nature and there is a different situation in everyone’s life. Maybe in front of you, the idol couple must be so happy. But backstage they surely might be onto something, that you aren’t aware of. For them, that might be an issue that isn’t for you. So it all depends on the person, time, situation, and place.

As I stated above we just need another person for our needs (psychological, social, emotional, or physical). Most importantly always think it’s you, who need that person to complete your life. Make it hassle-free. Because then you shall be facing fewer problems together. And it’s the same for another person too. If we just understand this and take our relationship responsibly, I promise you won’t ever face any problem in your relations. Infact you will be best at it.

It’s just that we start thinking that we are the reason for the other person’s happiness. It’s the other person who needs it, this Attitude will surely create a mess in our relationship. Just be grateful to each other that you both are there together in this hard situation. You can come out of this, as you have always done before.

Think of this for once, would you be with someone from starting, just for that person’s need? And the answer to this will answer your conflicts.

“It’s over us what we want to make our relationship turn into. A bloomed Flower or the Disastrous Tsunami.

Tarun Panwar


Love is a too different thing from a relationship in real. We just try to make a cocktail out of it and then get high and fall down boom…

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure. An example of this range of meanings is that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse, which differs from the love of food. Most commonly, love refers to a feeling of a strong attraction and emotional attachment.

That means love is the feeling that we have in us for any other thing. However, we just keep finding love in others and for that, we fail that badly. It is an Emotion within us. If you feel loved you will see all other things the same loving way. But if you see the other things with Nasty emotions you feel the same for another thing. So don’t find love anywhere else but within you. Because no one can give you what is already inside you. They just can act as a catalyst to your emotions. Just easy as that.

Let me explain it this way if our emotions are sweet for time being we will find love and joy in everything around us. We should never associate love with Somebody. Making/Feeling our body pleased it becomes a pleasure. If our mind becomes pleasant it becomes a joy. Emotions become Pleasant we say it is love. If our life energies become pleasant we say it as blissfulness or Ecstasy. If our surroundings become pleasant then it’s a success.

So, it’s actually our success that we are calling love. It is a success story with another person that you are calling love. Because all that needs good management to remain successful and in love with that person. Whereas, to feel love and be loving we need no management we can just make our emotions sweet. And we can just share it with anyone whoever is around us.

So, Love is actually a Feeling that we always have to find in ourselves. That’s why it is said,

the way you are, you see the other people with the same eyes.

Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder.

Relationship Motivation

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