As we all know today is Friendship day as celebrated all around the world. I finally, thought of starting my blog’s Secondary topic of Relationship 20-20 with this first post. So let’s start with a general introduction of what Actual relationships were, and what they are for our generation now. Well this is just a deep topic in which our generation thinks is perfectly competent in but in actuality, They are just so lacking in the basics of the true relationship that even a 3-4 year of a good relationship between a couple seems to be so Great. Most of the couples end up within 2-3 years. So, let’s see what’s the actual problem is and how can we overcome this problem.

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Relationship Meaning

First of all, let’s start with an understanding that A relationship isn’t just the relation between you and your love partner or couples. The relationship is how two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected. So, it may be between a son and father, sister and brother, or any other two people sharing feelings or connections between each other for some reason. It is just this Period that people think of relationships as a subjective topic related to couples.

But as it is friendship day let’s stick to this topic that we share and celebrate throughout the world. Rest we shall Discuss later on…

Understanding Human Harmones

The Button below will take you to one of my pages explaining what actually Human hormones have to do with humans and relationships. So, that it could be easy for you to understand the next topics which are not scientifically but naturally truth. And these both resemble each other.

The Perfect Match

So, most of us always think that there is a right person made for us whom we shall meet someday. And relationships are made in heaven etc etc. but what if I say that it’s all dilemma we live in and far away from reality. There is nothing like a right person, No one is perfect nor for us neither for anyone. It is just all misbeliefs and fake thoughts that have been fed up to our minds by few western writers.

The only thing we have to understand is that –“Am I the right person?” Because if you are right the world is right. A bit of nonsense of one person and a bit of nonsense of another person when adjusted together can make out things well. Because the other way the God must be making so many mistakes these days by making that new right person for us every 2 years. Isn’t it?

How to handle Relations

It will be much easier to handle our relations if we just understand few things about it.

Firstly, it’s we who get into a relation for our Desires, Emotional needs, Physical needs or social needs, or all of these. So it’s our involvement that makes us attracted or attached to other human beings at first. So, even choosing a Fool can be a reliable choice if you get all that things fulfilled. And feel satisfied or loved within you. Whereas, in another way even if you get the smartest person on the Earth it could turn up to total Disaster for you.

Secondly, never take this in the form that you are made for each other as we usually think. It’s our Involvement and our needs as stated above that we want to fulfill with that person that we start to think about another person as our mate. And that person is actually opposite to you in many ways. But at starting we don’t see it but as soon as we are in a relation, after a small period of time we just start Expecting that opposite person to be like you. And that is the serious mistake we do. In reality, we can’t even sustain with the exact similar person in real life. And these Expectations will lead to failure. After all, Opposite attracts, That’s Natural and scientific.

Just think over this, How many of us have completely stood over someone’s Expectations? The answer must be, rarely do we stand 100% to somebody’s Expectations that is why over expectations with another person is just beyond human Control to fulfill it completely. Which leads to conflicts. Therefore, Always keep those Expectations aside and stay together for what you started with few things that can go around but talking over them can handle the situation pretty well.

Just gonna Resume the topic on other post. Keep reading and Supporting…


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