How to become Rich in “Humanity”?

Following is the Post that we all were waiting for to know why Protean IMGSY. Why be a part of this new name? Here you will get the answers to all of your questions and Hopefully, you shall stay with us. Because I alone can’t change the mindset that we have already build within ourselves, I need your help in spreading these words throughout this world. Let’s start learning on how to become Rich in Humanity.

Why Protean IMGSY?

IMGSY is a platform by a Youth for a Youth (Not Specifically).

In this, I want to make people understand the basic functionality of human beings. I mean, if you want to remain one and achieve not only your materialistic needs but also want to be strong psychologically. Want to Ignite that spiritual power inside you, and get stronger within you, Then here you will get the summarized, practical knowledge and know-how of being a good human being and get better in every sphere of life. Because Human is what we are.

And why not be perfect in things that we are born with. Isn’t this the thing taught to you by so-called Entrepreneurs?

Why Just Behind Money?

In this fast lane life, and sudden change in the structure of working of Modern society, everyone is focused on Entrepreneurship, Being a leader, Grow faster get richer, Be an influencer (Positive/Negative influencer next topic). I don’t say you shouldn’t, positively you can and must do everything in your life to be the best to sustain on this Earth but I want that you shouldn’t Forget the Actual Traits that a human being should hold that I have already mentioned on my home page. And these traits are the basic foundation blocks of being a great leader.

Here is a link to what great minds have to say about leaders and leadership qualities. These Principal qualities are exactly the main inherited qualities of Human beings that we are gradually forgetting. Because parents have no time to teach that, everyone busy earning and who knows they too have forgotten the same. So, It’s just our responsibility as human beings to keep humanity alive. It will take a bit of your time, but then you shall soon feel it’s worth giving. The sooner we understand the better.

RIch in Humanity

‘Influencers’ today, are they really Influencers?

Social Media have grown so fast in these modern times. Almost everyone in Today’s world is connected to the internet which has made our youth more vulnerable to Poor things. Because it’s human tendency to learn bad things easily. And our Mindset says, if everyone is doing that, then why not me. Following them is not merely a click that you are doing in their profiles, you are promoting them to make more of such things. Which will surely be viewed by your kids or siblings.

Have you ever thought, What will they learn from it? How will these things influence them? Will these things sustain their future? The answer is NO Because we think only about ourselves our Happiness. Getting Famous using shortcuts is what they are learning. It’s just short-term happiness that shall be loved for time being. But in long term, it is spoiling their brains and our Environment.

There are real influencers who give significant teachings, do follow, and like them. But unfortunately, we don’t realize this momentarily. But today I assure you whoever reading this and laughing or just thinking this is just a nonsense thing, will surely read this or such things later in life. When you shall ultimately understand the real meaning of life. But I won’t say it will be late by then because Being human is not a big deal, It’s inside us because we are born human. It is just that we forgot our basic traits and are inclined towards other materialistic things so much that the real things seem to be an illusion and hard to admit.

Practice makes a man Perfect.

Since childhood, we all have been listening to these lines. Isn’t it? So let’s just do the same thing to improve ourselves. You guys might think that how is it possible for us to change our habits which we have built till now at any age you are in. Look, everything is similarly possible just like you guys get training and practice any software or app you want to get the best at. Similarly, you just have to practice and train your mind according to the traits you want to be good at. And I assure you, you don’t even have to give a separate schedule to practice it. Just make up your mind, get stronger and start practicing it in your day-to-day life.

Like the easiest way is, if you live with your partner talk sensible, in small conflicts or fights try to stay calm. At starting it will feel tough but slowly when you just get into it and start getting the results you will do it automatically. We ask our Children To be focused and polite. Haven’t you ever yelled upon them, or never fought with your partner in front of them. Do you patiently listen to their questions and answer each of them? but as they learn from their parents, They have been practicing not to be focused or Polite by seeing you throughout their growing age (not true for all) so how can they suddenly be a person that you wish they were.

So, practice it till you get habitual of it.

Real world Examples

Just think of a fight between you and your wife/Partner. Does it end up in broken glass or anything that was in your hand? or too much stress for the rest of the night? Well if you would have practiced remaining calm and have spoken Politely, Ethically, and have explained your views instead of yelling back things must have been different. In return, another person will also stop yelling. This shall make the conversation smooth and comfortable to carry on and you must conclude easily without any further stress. Even if the opposite person doesn’t change he shall stress up his mind in anger and you will still be calm and the situation will surely get under control the best way.

However, In the Opposite situation, both of you shall be yelling and the situation shall get worse. And the thing could end up getting physical, then the court, then divorce ( I don’t want that to happen). And it happens 99% of times that when your anger calms you always regret yelling or think sensibly the other way you could have reacted to that situation. So, why not doing it in the first place. Because of this, more than 50% of our modern relationships are just failing. Ending up to Divorces. In Details here

Everyone must be knowing Sir, Ratan Tata and might be following or loving the way he is. For a few, it must be because everyone says he is great, but for actual ones who know why and what he is they understand why being human is so necessary. Most of the Richest persons like Bill Gates or Mark Zukerberg just follow simple lifestyles and practice all human qualities. Then why not us? who we think we are? This Universe is just a Vast place with Earth being such a small entity in it and You and I being the smallest entity inside.

So, why that Ego? Why not just get a better life and be a better Human Being.

Rich Humanity in Humans

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