Hello, world! WELCOME…

A Brief Welcoming Message

Myself Tarun Panwar CEO of IMGSY Pvt. Ltd and Founder of Protean IMGSY Welcome you to my thought process, as I call this. Professionally a Civil Engineer, Creatively a Human who wants and likes to stay human. For which I created this Blogging Cum Socially adaptive website where people all around the world with similar thinking may connect and participate in making this Earth a better place to live.

It’s not a mere blogging website it’s home to my Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions. This is my First step to Create a change in this world and around me. Yes! it might seem to be a pinhead size effort in front of this huge world, with all the shit things going on but still, I want to give my 100%. So that even if it had changed or affected a single person’s life, I could just sleep happily every night thereafter.

Following below is the most beautiful, thought that I came across and this motivated me to act over something really meaningful.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

-Mae West

This is just a step towards my thought process. Certainly, there are many things I want to cover but slowly, only with your help, love, and appreciation I can remain dedicated and work this out till the final step which shall be surely amazing and a peaceful destination to reach at. On the other hand, the path will be full of beautiful flowers & thorns which can be handled if I got your support and love.

Keeping Both Heart and Mind in Equilibrium Is Necessary.

What Protean IMGSY have to offer?

To be frank this is not like any of the other Blogging websites made for money or anything as such. As we know the past and the ongoing year (2020-2021) were very hard for us, they have completely broken many. People lost jobs, families, and far much more that I can’t even explain. Leaving them depressed and insecure about their life. I really want this place to be a junction where thoughts, beliefs, feelings of a person can be easily upgraded with all the other members who are at a good mental level & with a good thought process.

Therefore, anyone who wants to be a part of Protean IMGSY and wants to Share their thoughts about this modern world, relationships, etc. can be a part of our family by clicking below

To the rest Enjoy reading Blogs and Please show your love and support by Commenting and Subscribing…

“By Gods grace we got a chance to be Humans, but staying Human is our choice.”

-Tarun Panwar